Frequently asked questions

I am a HR leader, how can I get started on Hoolr?

Let's have a chat and find out how Hoolr can benefit you. Please request a demo with one of the Hoolr Team here

What technology do I need to use Hoolr?

Hoolr works on a range of browsers and devices. We recommend that you use Google Chrome on a laptop for your sessions. You can improve the coaching experience by using a headphones with a microphone and closing down other applications such as email.

How do I add more coachees?

You can invite your coachees to join your client list by asking them to register at enter your unique client code.

No Connection Message in Session Space

This message means that your coachee is not in the session yet. We recommend that you send a chat message to check that your coachee is attending the session.

Can I set up a session with coachees that aren't registered?

Yes! You can do this two ways: Option 1. Invite your coachees to join your client list by asking them to register at and enter your unique client code. Once they have signed up you will be able to schedule sessions with them. Option 2. Schedule a group session on Hoolr and send your unique session link to your coachee. After the session has taken place the coachee will be added to your Coaches & Clients list

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